Thursday, November 19, 2009

Treasure Hunt? Check!

I met Lizzie, Katie and Annie in line early on Glitter Sale morning. The previous night they'd had a slumber party, and Annie, a Glitter Sale veteran, whet everyone's appetite by showing off her finds from last year. (She also posted a wonderful account of last year's sale on her blog, the Samstag Saturday.)

Thanks to a 6 am wake-up call Saturday morning, Lizzie, Katie and Annie were in line long before the doors opened, ready to begin their day. They came, they saw, they conquered. And then they blogged some more. Here is their story:

Treasure Hunt? CHECK!

It's done.

We have conquered it.

Four bags of spoils in all.

Were there coffee & donuts at 6am? Yes, there were.
Were there spandex tights & leotards? Oh, yes.
Was there Doppler the giant red STORM mascot? Sure.
Was there Goodwill Gary on the megaphone . . . for three hours and counting? Uh, yeah, thanks Gary.
Were there lots of nice, crazy, sort of naked ladies? Of course.
Were there beautiful vintage coats & dresses & knit flapper shirts for us to take home? YES.

Glitter sale 2009. We love you so.

Radtastic! A '20s style slip dress for only $5.99!!

Check out the detail on the back of this dress. Beautiful!

Lizzie's coat. That will keep her nice and warm in the Glitter Sale line next year!

You can read more about the exploits of Annie, Katie and Lizzie at and If you have a Glitter Sale story you'd like to share, email us at

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Anonymous said...

Girl in the light colored dress is pretty cute, even for a hipster. =)