Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Fun at the Glitter Sale!

You might not expect people to travel across the country or around the region for a Goodwill sale, but the Seattle Goodwill Glitter Sale is an exception.

Sure, people come for the great deals on vintage coats and dresses, designer clothing and brand name merchandise.

They come for the great selection of accessories--shoes, bags, belts, hats--and jewelry.

But they also come because shopping the Glitter Sale is so much fun. In fact, Stella Rose celebrated her birthday shopping at the Glitter Sale. Happy Birthday Stella Rose!

We caught these French speakers trying on dresses that echoed the colors of the French Flag! Quelle coincidence!

Kay, Sarah and Emily were so happy with their purchases, they volunteered to model them for us! All three scored some fabulous dresses, including the Mr. Blackwell that we featured a few weeks ago in the Glitter Sale Insider.

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