Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basic Black

If you're looking for just one dress this holiday season, something to wear year in and year out, then the black dress, short or long, is it. We have racks of black gowns and LBDs like this one with rhinestone trim and pleated skirt.

This black dress reminds me of Carole Hannah's lovely Palm Beach dress on Project Runway. Remember the twisted fabric detail on the back?

And this satin gown with a deep V and rhinestone pin is absolutely stunning. It will definitely turn heads.


najwa said...

I have never been to the sale and am trying to decide if it's worth waiting in line in the cold to go. Can you please tell me what these items are going to cost at the sale? Thanks!

Betsy McFeely said...

Najwa, the price for the top dress is $29.99. The other two dresses are $24.99 each. Keep in mind that the crowds typically thin out later in the afternoons, so you can still shop the Glitter Sale without necessarily waiting line. Hope you can make it!