Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Glitter Sale History with Lorraine Weeks

Twenty-five years ago, Lorraine Weeks was a member of Seattle Goodwill’s Public Relations Department when she hit upon the idea of the Glitter Sale. She has since worked in our Vintage Fashion Department and now handles the pricing of collectibles, antiques and jewelry. Here she takes us back 25 years...

What were you doing 25 years ago?

In 1982 I was in Seattle Goodwill’s PR Department. We had no money for advertising. Instead, we would create events to attract media attention.

What were some of these events?

There was “Hooray for Hollywood” where we sold all kinds of Hollywood paraphernalia. Another was called “An Officer and A Gentleman,” and we had hundreds of uniforms for sale. One year, an entire high school band came over from Bremerton and bought uniforms.

How did the Glitter Sale come about?

The Glitter Sale began as “Sequins, Satin, Feathers and Beads”, Everyone had a hard time remembering the name, so a few years later we changed it to “All That Glitters.” It was eventually shortened again, to today’s “Glitter Sale.”

How has the Glitter Sale changed?

It's ten times bigger today. We’ve always carried glittery ball gowns and tuxedos. In the early days, we didn’t include jewelry, but now jewelry is a big part of the sale. And back then we had many pieces from the 1920s, which is unusual today.

Why do you think the Glitter Sale has remained so popular over the years?

At first, people come for our merchandise. We have our fabulous donors to thank for the wonderful things they continue to pass along to Goodwill. But people return to the Gitter Sale because they have so much fun. They make it an annual event. They bring friends and make friends at the sale.

Can you give us an example?

Maybe five or six years ago, there were two women, total strangers, who both liked a particular gown. In the end, they bought it together.

You've been pricing Glitter Sale jewelry over the last few weeks. What is your favorite piece?

I love bracelets, so I would have to say this cuff with these marvelous acqua gems has to be one of my favorites.

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Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous little article that records a bit of Goodwill's long history. Well done, Lorraine for having such a great idea and making it work. Kudos to Goodwill and Betsy for telling the story so well. Please don't ever stop having the Glitter Sale, we drive over from Eastern WA just for it!