Friday, October 31, 2008

Designer Treasures

Glitter Sale shoppers tell us over and over how many "gems" they find as they make their way, rack by rack, across the Glitter Sale floor. For many, in fact, it's much more than a sale; it's a treasure hunt. If, for you, discovering designer dresses, tops, jackets and coats at fabulously low prices is more fun even than buried treasure, save the date! And check out the treasures I've found:

This gorgeous Chloe dress was designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The detailing is exquisite, including the hand-sewn zipper.

What a find, this Victor Costa strapless with rhinestone buttons and pin in black velvet.

You can wear this little Ferre sequin top over trousers or even jeans.

This blousy white shirt is from one of today's most popular designers, Stella McCartney.

This St. John knit suit jacket actually comes with both pants and a pencil skirt.

Escada clothing is all beautifully made, and this jacket is no exception.

Trina Turk grew up in Bellevue and studied fashion at the University of Washington. You can find her stylish clothing at Barney's and Goodwill! This dress is adorable.

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