Friday, October 15, 2010

Gary's Corner: Hollywood Glamour

Have you met Gary, Goodwill's inimitable ambassador, Bellevue store manager, and on this occasion, in-house stylist? Gary has agreed to wander behind the scenes, through the Glitter Sale racks, to create timely and timeless looks to share with you.

Last week Gary went gaga for Lady Gaga, but for holiday, he's all about Hollywood glamour. Think Grace Kelly. Think Audrey Hepburn. Refined beauty. Simple luxury.

Served up over the holidays, Gary's Hollywood glamour translates into elegant evening gowns and cloaks, beautiful taffetas, rich iridescents and flirty tulle lining. Thanks to the Glitter Sale, (and Gary), making an entrance, on or off the red carpet, was never so easy--or inexpensive!

This simple stunner (Cinderella at the ball?) is positively enchanting. And the whole outfit is under $40.
  • Aquamarine strapless with rhinestone brooch at waist $21.99
  • Sequin sparkle sweater $9.99
  • Drop pearlescent necklace $7.99

Traditional holiday green and gold with this season's most talked about coat--the faux-fur, leopard print chubby--is both elegant and glamorous. And all for under $90.
  • Iridescent strapless gown with black net underskirt $24.99
  • Leopard print chubby (with original tags) $39.99
  • Elsa Peretti-style heart necklace $9.99
  • Kate Spade strappy gold sandals $12.99

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