Friday, October 8, 2010

Gary's Corner: Gaga for Lady Gaga

Gary Foy
If you're a Glitter Sale shopper, you already know our own inimitable Gary Foy. You've seen him early in the morning with his megaphone on Glitter Saturdays, entertaining the crowd and counting down those last minutes.

You've also seen him at the jewelry counter, calling out ticket numbers, so that every shopper receives one-on-one attention. If you shop our Bellevue store, you may have seen Gary there too. He's their store manager.

Gary wears many hats at Seattle Goodwill, and today we introduce him wearing yet another: stylist extraordinaire. Gary has agreed to wander behind-the-scenes through the Glitter Sale racks and create trend-setting (and budget-conscious) looks to share with you.

Today, Gary's gone gaga over Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga inspired white dress
Yes, Gary's gaga for Lady Gaga, so in her honor he's created this Lady Gaga-inspired evening look. He's accessorized this fabulous slinky white dress with a feather strewn, one-eyed mask that he uses as a brooch. In this dress you're sure to make an entrance! And imagine, the entire outfit--the dress, mask, two necklaces and a purse--is under $25.
  • Slinky white dress $12.99
  • Silver sequin purse $2.99
  • Bead necklace $1.99
  • Rhinestone necklace $3.99
  • Mask (worn as a brooch) $1.99

Lady Gaga inspired black dress

For something only a tad more sedate, go out on the town in this slinky black dress, a throwback to the early '80s, yet totally contemporary. Get the whole look for under $25 too.
  • Slinky black dress $12.99
  • Gold cross necklace $3.99
  • Amulet necklace $1.99
  • Gold-tone chain necklace $1.99
  • Mesh chain purse $3.99
Stay tuned for more of Gary's great looks next week!

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