Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prom Dresses and Party Frocks

If you or your daughter, granddaughter or niece is looking for a one-of-a-kind prom dress, the Glitter Sale is the place to find it. No two girls ever want to arrive at their prom wearing the same dress, and if they do their shopping at the Glitter Sale they never will. For vintage styles or contemporary looks, why not make it a mother-daughter day and shop the Glitter Sale together?

I am particularly fond of our vintage selection of prom dresses, all in wonderful pale hues

like this sweet yellow gown

or this one in pink and silver.

And of course we have lots of contemporary options as well.

This lovely sky blue satin dress has a jeweled bodice.

This flirty and fun beaded dress sports bands of increasingly darker shades of red.

The black floral pattern on this white dress is overlaid with white tulle for a dreamlike effect.

And this Quinceaneara dress is made for a princess.

For the younger set, we have festive dresses such as this red holiday dress

or this one in red satin and black velvet.

And what little girl wouldn't be thrilled to wear these Lelli Kelly beaded sneakers

or these sparkly gold shoes from Nordstrom with faux diamonds at the toe?


Angelina said...

Your selection of vintage prom dresses is awesome. Those sparkly gold shoes are so cute.

Eric said...

I really like the party dresses you have here. The white and black floral is very pretty. Love the glitter shoes as well.

Anonymous said...


Nice selection of party dresses..

It has given me an idea for my daughters prom. Her shoes are lelli kelly shoes