Thursday, November 13, 2008

Glitter Sale Shopping Tips

Savvy Glitter Sale Shoppers come armed with a strategy for navigating our huge sale. Here are our top tips:

  • Looking for the clothing, shoes, hats, and bags you've read about on our blog? These items can be found in our Vintage Boutique. You'll also find vintage clothing, higher-priced designer clothing such as St John, Escada and Tahari; items from the Glitter Gala; and vintage and designer shoes. These items must be purchased in the Vintage Boutique.

  • All jewelry, including vintage pieces, will be in the jewelry cases in the main room. Take a number for assistance at the jewelry counter.

  • All items - clothing, accessories and jewelry - will be restocked throughout the weekend.

  • Glitter Sale returns follow our return policy. Refunds are gladly offered within 7 days of purchase. Original tags must be attached, and receipt must accompany all items to be returned. Check purchases will be refunded with a gift card if the return amount is 50% or more of the original purchase, and the return happens within 5 days of the purchase.

  • Wear a leotard or swimsuit to try on clothes; there are no dressing rooms.

  • Pick up a blue bin when you arrive; shopping carts are not allowed.

  • Ask a friend to join you for fun and advice.

  • Bring an open mind. Your never know what you might find.

In fact, here are some of the wonderfully surprising items I've come across:

Another pair of Jessica Simpson heels!

This Chanel-esque camellia brooch. It reminds me of the camellia line of jewelry they're showing at Chanel this season - only their jewelry is inlaid with diamonds rather than rhinestones!

Enid Collins purses - they're highly collectible.

These bauble earrings. They're similar to the pearl cluster earrings in Kate Spade's brand new jewelry collection.

Incredible embroidery. Take a look at this black dress.

Here it is up close.

This vintage mesh evening bag. It's the perfect holiday accessory.


Deborah Burns said...

Fashion, Sparkle, Glamour and shopping....what more can a girl ask for?

Very fun blog posts about what the Glitter Sale is full and fun!

I was able to go a few years ago with some friends, and I am looking forward to entering the fashion fray again on Saturday!


Betsy McFeely said...

We'd love to hear about your Glitter Sale experience, see your photos and learn about your favorite finds! We'll post shoppers' stories next week.