Thursday, November 10, 2011

Designer Pieces and Ready-to-Wear Details

Thanks to all of our supporters, the Glitter Gala was a huge success!  Stay tuned for a re-cap of the night's festivities and fashion show - for now all we can think about is the Glitter Sale this weekend!

Our in-house fashion expert and Bellevue store manager Gary Foy created several amazing outfits using items from the Glitter Sale racks.  For him, details are the key to a good outfit.  "Heavy accessories are huge right now," he says.  "Details pop more than the actual clothes."

Veronica Dumitrescu, who works at our Bellevue store, graciously agreed to try on some of Gary's outfits, which mix designer pieces with ready-to-wear items.  "Everybody wants to have the look, but not everyone can afford the outfit," notes Gary.  "Mixing designer pieces in with your regular wardrobe is an easy way to get the look you want and keep the price low."

The outfit below is a perfect example of this, with Michael Kors shirt dress accented with a great faux fur bag, colorful scarf and sparkling beaded necklace.

The second outfit tops a flowing Diane von Furstenberg top with an inexpensive sequined shrug and multiple gold belts.  And check out those Tory Burch shoes!  The gold accent on the heel is the perfect detail to complete the look.

We had so much fun creating outfits, but the real fun begins bright and early Saturday morning!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for some great tips on shopping the Glitter Sale.

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